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Game Review: Reborn Online
Game Review: Reborn Online

Reborn Online is a good online role-playing game where players travel around the world of Asgard. Here you can feel yourself in the role of a Norse god, exterminate monsters and fight with other players in arenas.

As with any MMORPG, standard quests, pumping and grinding take up the lion's share of time. The rest of the time can be devoted to PVP battles, which are quite interesting and unusual here. Read more about gameplay in our reborn Online brief.

Reborn Online is a new original fantasy-style MMORPG, strongly similar to classic role-playing games, but with its own features that set it apart from its counterparts in the genre. First of all, these are various opportunities for the development of the main characters and an advanced system of choosing elves, which are the main assistants of the player.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Asgard, where you cannot survive without honor, valor, power and glory. The god of deception and trickery Loki equips an army of darkness to bring down the supreme god Odin. Most of the worlds have already fallen under the pressure of demonic armies, and the only hope of the living is the fortress of brave warriors who live in the picturesque city of Asgard.

Players will have to help Odin stand in the difficult war between good and evil. Ahead of them are journeys through icy deserts, impenetrable jungles and lands scorched by volcanoes. You don't have to count on easy battles.

The development of gaming events is extremely dynamic. Players will receive their first dwarf at the beginning of level 15. It can be improved and developed in the future. Passing the chapters of the main plot, players will not have time to notice how dozens of quests will be completed, and they will get more elves with their own pets to boot. A selection of classes will be available from the 20th.

Start of the game

Entering Reborn, players must first select the gender of the main character, i.e. male or female. After that, the protagonist will be thrown into a fantasy world, where you must perform military gifts without succumbing to the provocations of the forces of evil. You can't choose classes at the very beginning: you have to get to know the world around you, try out all kinds of mechanics, and only then make a decision.

In the first 15 levels, all players are the same, the only differences are in weapons, which can be changed arbitrarily. Up to level 20, you can use warhammers, flexible bows, euphonic lyres, or magic staffs. Class selection will be available after reaching level 20.

Character development
Playable characters can evolve in several ways. For example, when gaining combat experience, players will receive special skills that allow you to become a demigod. The final step will be the acquisition of the so-called divinity - the transformation of the protagonist, which gives the player strength in battles.

Pumping can also occur due to the development of elves. Each of their characteristics will be added to the player's characteristics. Individual dwarves have all kinds of useful skills: freezing the enemy, replenishing the health bar, etc. Also, these assistants can be tapped after gaining a certain amount of experience. They are possessed by souls, of which there are quite a few in the game.

Achievement system
Reborn stands out for its unique achievement system. To obtain any achievement, special tasks must be completed. For example, you need to kill a certain number of opponents, destroy a certain level boss, or improve combat items to a certain level.

There are many different versions available regarding updating items. All items have their own level of quality and level of sharpness. They can be decorated with precious stones or sacred runes. At the same time, each rune strengthens attack or defense skills. Some items only work on certain warriors, while others apply to all character classes.

DEX vs. Bridge: An Informed Choice in DeFi
The booming DeFi space relies heavily on the ability to exchange tokens between blockchains. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and bridges offer distinct solutions for this need, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


DEXs empower users to swap tokens directly on-chain, eliminating the middleman of centralized exchanges. This unlocks several benefits:

Increased Control: Users retain complete custody of their funds, minimizing the risk of hacks and fraud associated with centralized platforms.

Reduced Fees: DEXs generally boast lower fees compared to their centralized counterparts, benefiting frequent traders.

Enhanced Transparency: All transactions are publicly accessible on the blockchain, fostering trust and transparency.

However, DEXs have limitations:

Limited Liquidity: Certain tokens might have less liquidity on DEXs compared to centralized exchanges, potentially impacting trade execution.

Complex Interface: Trading on DEXs can be more challenging and less user-friendly for newcomers compared to centralized platforms.


Bridges enable the transfer of tokens across different blockchains, offering users several advantages:

Wider Liquidity Pool: Users can leverage the combined liquidity of multiple blockchains, maximizing their trading opportunities.

Diverse DeFi Ecosystems: Bridges open doors to participation in various DeFi protocols across different blockchains.

Improved Capital Efficiency: Users can move funds between blockchains based on prevailing interest rates and arbitrage opportunities.

Despite these benefits, bridges also come with drawbacks:

Security Concerns: Some bridges rely on centralized infrastructure, raising questions about potential vulnerabilities and compromising security.

Transaction Fees: Bridges often charge fees for transferring assets between blockchains, impacting user experience.

Complexity: Choosing the right bridge and understanding its underlying mechanism can be challenging for new users.

Choosing the Right Tool:

The optimal choice between DEXs and bridges depends on individual needs and preferences:

Looking for:

Maximum control and security: DEXs are the way to go.
Diverse liquidity and DeFi ecosystems: Bridges offer greater flexibility.
Ease of use: Centralized exchanges might be a better starting point.

Both DEXs and bridges play crucial roles in DeFi. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key to making informed decisions. As DeFi evolves, we can expect advancements in both technologies, further enhancing user experience and unlocking new possibilities for decentralized finance.

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